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A Buyer's Guide to manitou-telehandlers

Telehandlers are well suited to a variety of applications, but particularly to agriculture and construction. Their versatility, durability, and maneuverability make them the lifts of choice for rugged terrain and high lift worksites. Manitou, a heavy machine manufacturer with over 100 years of history, is known for inventing the first rough terrain forklift. This masted forklift would become one of their many models of telehandlers and began their reputation as a quality telehandler brand.

Manitou Model Specifications

Manitou telehandlers are available in three models, each with a set of specifications well suited to different job sites and lift needs.


Max forward reach: 11-19 feet

Max lift: 19.1-31.8 feet

Lift Capacity: 5500-49500 lbs

Turn radius: 11-19.8 feet

Price: $30,000-$160,000

Rotating Telehandler

Max forward reach: 44.3-60.8 feet

Max lift: 51.8-80.7 feet

Lift Capacity: 8818 lbs

Turn radius: 11.5-14.2 feet

Price: $80,000-$120,000

Masted Forklift Trucks

Max lift: 10.8-21.9 feet

Lift Capacity: 6000-6614 lbs

Turn radius: 8-10.1 feet

Price: $45,000- $60,000


Telescopic handlers, or telehandlers function similarly to a crane by lifting and depositing materials and supplies using a lift arm with a forklift attachment. Their reach capabilities combined with compact cabs allow them to move in narrow spaces with high load points.

Manitou telehandlers are able to efficiently complete loading tasks in a variety of terrains inaccessible to standard forklifts, including uneven ground, high lifts, and other rugged conditions. The variety and quick change design of telehandler attachments allows each telehandler to do a variety of jobs with little downtime.

Rotating Telehandlers

Like standard telehandlers, this model can place materials with precision in a variety of rough terrains. The addition of a rotating cab and stabilizers allows rotating telehandlers to further specialize in difficult job sites. The higher lift and greater balance capabilities are perfect for sites with multiple building areas or for locations between 65-80 feet or heavier loads.

Manitou rotating telehandlers in particular offer multiple-disc service brakes and other safety focused features to reduce operator injury and materials damage. Their proven durability creates a high return on investment and a robust used market.

Masted Forklifts

The model that started it all, these telehandlers can accomplish the majority of warehouse and job-site loading tasks that don't require forward reach. Like a standard forklift with increased capabilities for uneven ground and rough weather, the masted forklift is suited for construction materials on pallets, warehouse loading, and agricultural cargo and supplies loading.

Manitou's masted forklift line includes semi-industrial models designed to work in narrow aisles where tight turns and load precision matters. Its durability and power are retained, while maneuverability is maximized.

Manitou Telehandler Attachments

There are a wide variety of telehandler attachments available, each specialized for a project or task. Manitou offers a large line of interchangeable attachments for applications in industry, agriculture and construction.

  • Buckets: Light Material Bucket, eeding Bucket, Multi-functions Bucket, Construction Buckets, Construction Bucket, Rehandling Bucket, 4 in 1 Bucket, Concrete Mixing Bucket
  • Clamps: Bale Clamp Compact, Classic Bale Clamp, Intensive Bale Clamp, Wrapped Bale Clamp, Mix Bale Clamp
  • Platforms: Standard Platform and Extendable Platform
  • Cranes: Standard Crane, Extension Jib, Crane with Winch, Frame Mounted Hook, Slewing Crane
  • Concrete Skips: Concrete Bucket, Crane Skip
  • Muckforks & Grabs: High Capacity Manure Grab
  • Muckforks & Grabs: Sweepers: Pickup Sweeper
  • Misc Agriculture: High Pressure Cleaner